Publish Your Own Book with Blurb

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If you’ve ever wanted to publish your own book, then Blurb is for you. I tried this service and jsut received my very own hard-cover book of our family history. It is gorgeous and professionally done! It’s so simple, it’s scary. You just go to the Blurb website, download the free software and assemble your […]

9/11 Sites, Then and Now

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National Geographic News has a short but interesting photo gallery detailing different sites from 9/11, both on that day and now. The shots are the same shot from the same angles (more or less). I think the shots are a good testament to the human ability to overcome any situation, ultimately. Beyond those images, the […]

Around the World with the Airbus A380

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If you’ve ver wanted to know how a new commercial aircraft gets its final certification, you’ll love this really neat little website, which is documenting the route proving trials of the new jumbo jet Airbus A380. It is basically flying the final mission around the world this week, which will prove that it can perform […]

Animal Tracks

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An interesting article in the BBCl on tracking snow leopards by satellite led me to other interesting sites. You can adopt a cute loggerhead turtle complete with satellite tracker on its head and a google map. “On a North Carolina beach, researchers fix satellite tracking devices on 300-pound loggerhead turtles that come ashore to lay […]

Microsoft Expression

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I haven’t had a chance to play with the package, but it looks like an interesting attempt by Microsoft to create a modern web design tool that supports CSS, XML, etc. I firmly believe that FrontPage was the worst software ever created (that I used at least), but Expression Web looks promising. If you want […]

Couple of links

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To go along with this weeks episode here are a couple of links that I came across in my meanderings tonight. Mapping Literature: Cartography in the World Literature Classroom by Jane M. Kinney is an online article that looks at how maps can be used in the lit classroom. and a link to the upcoming […]