What are the 9.2 graphics requirements

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I am in the market for a new laptop. My sticking point is that I have no idea what the graphics requirements will be for ArcGIS 9.2. I would prefer to save money and buy a laptop with shared video memory as opposed to spending significantly more for a dedicated graphics card. However, since I tend to use my laptop as my primary machine I will shell out the extra cash if 9.2 does a better job of pushing graphics processes to the GPU than previous versions…which I thought I heard would be the case (though I can’t remember where).

Could someone from ESRI or a beta tester give me a hint as to how the graphics in 9.2 compare to 9.1, does more of the graphics rendering get offloaded to the GPU or does the CPU still feel the brunt of the work. Feel free to leave a comment or email.

Thanks in advance.