Largest Image on the Web?

This site has a nice photographic representation of The Parete Gaudenziana. So nice, to properly represent it, they decided to go with a 8.6 Gigapixel image! Of course, the Gigapixel Project has been documenting large photos for awhile, but I believe most of their work is in the single gigapixel range. This sucker is over 8 times as large! You can zoom in and around the image to see how fine they captured the information.

We will rock you (planetary)

There is an article in CNN today about Brian May from Queen. “He gave up his PHD studies in interplanetary dust to help form Queen but now, almost four decades on, he has come full circle to co-write “Bang! The Complete History of the Universe” with astronomers Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott. “To me it is a spiritual force in my life,” May told Reuters at the book’s London launch.” I can’t find it on Amazon yet but will put up a link as soon as I do. I found a link to his old school papers too. review of Street Maps and Garmin GPS

On the Oct 19 episode of Digital Life TV (, Patrick Norton does a review of a dashmount Garmin GPS and the new Microsoft Streets and Trips and everyone uses many of the correct terms and phrases 🙂 The overall take on the Garmin model they reviewed was pretty good, and at a $250 (US) price tag it seems promising. Head over to to view the episode online or to download the video podcast. For the MS Streets and Trips they mention the Live Search integration. The review is around 35:00 minutes.