Zoom Into Maps- nice Library of Congress educational site

Zoom Into Maps is a nice educational tool for an introduction to historic maps and the Library of Congress’ digital map collections. There are digital images of maps on various themes, including exploration, migration, local places, and, since it’s getting close to election time, I especially enjoyed looking at the original broad-side from 1812 popularizing the term “Gerry-mander” and depicting the districts around Salem and Danvers, Massachusetts as a salamander.

If you are interested in historical maps and cartography, and want to see the amazing maps in the Library of Congress’ collection, then definitely check out Zoom Into Maps.

Can you pass the third grade?

This is an old but fun flash map of the United States that gives you a timed test to fill in the map. Its a little touchy how you drag and drop things but really fun. It was at the Pasadena IBM Users Group site. For more fun kids geography games you can also go to the U.N. kids site, Cyberschoolbus to see Daily Live and on-demand webcast of UN meetings, conferences and events or basic tools to compare country data. There is also a cartoon about the rights of workers because one day every kid will grow up to be one. The CIA kids site has a suprisingly difficult geography quiz site for young agents in training.

BBC NEWS | The map gap

I am not sure if this has made the rounds yet, but the BBC has an article that talks about…wait for it…PROJECTIONS. It starts off as human interest piece about the sell of the Cosmographia, but quickly extends to broader ideas. This article is great (at least at 1:30 AM) and is more insightful than I could ever hope for in the states. It only takes a minute to read, but it will definitely bolster your belief that it isn’t just the geospatial professionals who are interested in these things that we talk about each week.

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | The map gap