Cover a conference, because someone has to :-)

I wanted to second Adena’s call to the blog/podcast community to try to cover events/conferences. As I think most of us have realized there is just too much out there to keep up with it all by ourselves. This is where I think that blogs and podcasts have offered a great support structure to traditional media. While we may not be able to spend the time and energy on covering industry information in depth due to our collective day jobs, we can definitely cover more since we aren’t confined by the editorial and publication constraints that traditional media are.

So get out there and share your experiences from the events you attend. If you are at an event and come across something interesting feel free to interview someone or cover it yourself and send us a link…if you can do an audio interview we would be happy to put it up on our conference podcast feed.

We try to keep a fairly up-to-date calendar at

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