Location based police

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Listener Eric pointed out a news item that discusses how police in the Dutch city of Groningen will be testing a handheld-based computer system which will allow them to access information specific to the areas they are patroling. The article also seems to say that information can be pushed out the systems and that they […]

Wild Wonderful West Virginia

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I was looking up information about state parks for wv and found that they are participating in geocaching. I am sure other state parks are doing this as well. What a wonderful family vacation/weekend activity or day activity if your close by. They have a link to the offical geocaching community site if you want […]

50 States in 50 Days

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No, it isn’t the title of a country tune, it’s the challenge of two guys in Albany New York. They’re fixin’ (to continue the country tune theme) to hitch hike to every state capital in the US in 50 days. The challenge starts October 10th and they have until November 29th to pull it off. […]