What, Whoa, Wait a minute…Intergraph Acquired

So I come up for air after a frenetic week to find out that Intergraph, makers of a variety of products so numerous I won’t even try to list, has agreed to be acquired by an investment group. This is an interesting move (and somewhat disconcerting from my perspective) on the part of a well established and leading company in the geospatial industry. I am not a financial analyst by any means, so I can’t offer the insight that others can. Instead I will just say ‘wow’ and hope that Intergraph as a company will weather its acquisition as well as Leica Geosystems seems to have made it through the first year of their transition. I am definitely curious to find out what the folks over at Directions think of the acquisition in their podcast on the topic, which I am off to listen to now.

Intergraph Acquired by Investor Group for $1.3 Billion – All Points Blog