Rasterize yourself

Finally, a home decorating use for plotters. This cool tool, The Rasterbator lets you create huge rasterized images from any picture. They give some great examples including some great uses for maps. You can also look at Crafster, a craft related forum for other ways people have used giant rasters to decorate their homes.

One thought on “Rasterize yourself

  1. Heh,

    At my last job we got a bit bored with our environment (we had already dismantled all of the cubicle walls and made a semi-open open work area, brought in plants, etc).

    We printed out a bunch of our coolest maps and images on large format, popped out the hanging ceiling tiles, trimmed and folded the plots around them, and put them back up. All in all, it looked pretty cool. I’m sure it was a fire hazard too, but building maintenance never said anything.


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