MapMarketplace – the Cafepress for cartographers, a leading online map seller, has launched a new service called MapMarketplace, a kind of CafePress for cartographers where you can sell your cartographic masterpieces.

“MapMarketplace creates an opportunity for small independent cartographers to connect with a broad consumer base,” says Jeff Chappell, Online Director. All you have to do is register through the website, submit your map products for review and, once your maps are approved, they will be available for sale via the MapMarketplace. handles all the transactions and directly prints, laminates, and ships the map products to customers. If your maps actually sell, you get a monthly earnings check directly from So, if you’ve made some nice maps and you think, hey, that would look great on someone’s wall, maybe you can make a few bucks selling your maps online. I know I am going to look into it as soon as we get our latest round of projects done.

Via BusinessWire

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