Google Maps vs. Yahoo Maps

Continuing some of the ideas from our podcast (and Farallon’s as well, apparently), this site features an interesting side by side comparison of Yahoo Maps and Google Maps. When I say “side by side”, I mean that in the most literal sense! Sergey Chernyshev has created two maps right beside one another, one from Google Maps and the other from Yahoo Maps. When you move around on Yahoo Maps, the Google Maps (the left hand pan) move right along with it. If you want to see how each renders a particular place, just do a search in the box and both pans will zoom/pan to that location. The example uses Washington, DC. Click on Hybrid or Satellite on either of the maps and both will show the new background. The zoom control is at the top of the Google Maps pan as a series of radio buttons. I found out by accident that you can use your scroll wheel to zoom as well. It took me a bit to load up, so be patient.