AVSP Forum going away – links to other great forums

Those of you who have accounts on our forums probably received a notice of a private message on Thursday. Since the spam has spread beyond the forums themselves and since we haven’t had a lot of traffice since the first week, we are making them go away.

We still think that forums are a great way to communicate and we recommend you check out some of the forums that are out there including:

CartoTalk – A pulic forum for Cartography and Design
GIS Forums – Forum covering GIS and geospatial technologies
Delphi GIS Forums – Another forum covering GIS and geospatial technologies
GeoCommunity – GIS Discussions
MapForums – Forum based around MapPoint
PPGIS.net – Open forum on Participatory GIS and technologies
About.com Geography Forums – covers a wide range of Geography topics
GeographyForum.net – Geography forum for primarily for UK teachers
Talk Geography – General discussion about geography
GISUser – active forums on geospatial technologies