AVSP Forum going away – links to other great forums

Those of you who have accounts on our forums probably received a notice of a private message on Thursday. Since the spam has spread beyond the forums themselves and since we haven’t had a lot of traffice since the first week, we are making them go away.

We still think that forums are a great way to communicate and we recommend you check out some of the forums that are out there including:

CartoTalk – A pulic forum for Cartography and Design
GIS Forums – Forum covering GIS and geospatial technologies
Delphi GIS Forums – Another forum covering GIS and geospatial technologies
GeoCommunity – GIS Discussions
MapForums – Forum based around MapPoint
PPGIS.net – Open forum on Participatory GIS and technologies
About.com Geography Forums – covers a wide range of Geography topics
GeographyForum.net – Geography forum for primarily for UK teachers
Talk Geography – General discussion about geography
GISUser – active forums on geospatial technologies

Way Cool Web Mapping Application

The National Geographic has their new Map Machine web mapping service up and online. Since it’s put together by ESRI, it’s a safe bet they used some combination of ArcIMS 9.2 and ArcServer 9.2. I think this map interface is one of the best I’ve ever seen for publicly digestible online maps. They’ve added all sorts of little innovations that make life simpler. My personal favorite is the zoom bar. Rather than the vague “1,2,3…16” classification of zoom levels, they’ve used a much more intuitive “continent, country, county, city, street” classification system. Be sure to also check out the theme viewer at the top!