MobuzzTV Vlog: Maps in action

Now that my laptop has returned from its journey to KY, I am catching up on most everything including podcasts. One of my standard suspects in MobuzzTV which is a dailiyish tech video podcast. On the Sept 14 they did an episode about mapping and mapping sites that was pretty fun to watch and even included mentions of the MapRoom and Google Maps Mania…woohoo. Check it out if you get a chance.

MobuzzTV Vlog: Google (and other) Maps Revisited!

Al Gore’s new idea to combat global warming – Tax carbon emissions

In a speech yesterday at the New York University School of Law, Al Gore argued that one way to compel employers to cut greenhouse gas emissions would be to assess a carbon emission tax, instead of collecting payroll taxes. THree-quarters of the votes in the very informal poll on the MSNBC site thought that the idea was brilliant, and I have to say, it’s pretty original. Unfortunately, in the current US political climate, I can’t imagine something like that ever actually being implemented.