Ironic Study:Satellite Navigation Systems

In an ironic coincidence to Jesse’s post about BMW’s navsat system, the UK Daily Mail had an article about a study that showed the pitfalls of some current systems, the gist of which is there is no substitute for common sense and the systems are only as good as accessible information provided. Another reason why content is king.

GIWIS premiere on Sept 13

From the GIWIS website:

The Geospatial Industry Workforce Information System—or GIWIS—will be your comprehensive resource for everything geospatial. Whether you’re a veteran to the geospatial industry or this is your first time hearing about this exciting technology, this site will be your one stop resource for jobs, educational resources, schools, industry data, salary information, and much, much more!

I am sure that GITA and AAG are involved, but will the GIWIS take advantage of other organizations information such as URISA, ACSM, and ASPRS? I guess we have to wait until the 13th to find out.


Australia on the Map audio series

One of our listeners, Elaine, let us know about a radio series called Australia On The Map. The first program in this series, The Siren South, looks at early Dutch exploration and mapping of the Australian coastline. Since I am interested in historical geography, I am going to check it out as soon as I get a chance.

You can listen to or download the program from Australia’s ABC Radio National website

Now For Something Completely Different….

Ok, so this really doesn’t have anything to do with geography or GIS or anything even remotely important… but it cracks me up every time I look at it. It’s the Bed Jumper HQ! It is a site devoted to – you guessed it – pictures of people jumping on beds. The looks of pure unadulterated joy of these people in mid-air just cracks me up every single time. The pictures are all from hotel beds and they’re from all over the world (see! I got geography in there somehow!) In fact, they should think about making a Frapper map of places people have bed jumped. Don’t forget to look at the archives for past pictures.