What, Whoa, Wait a minute…Intergraph Acquired

So I come up for air after a frenetic week to find out that Intergraph, makers of a variety of products so numerous I won’t even try to list, has agreed to be acquired by an investment group. This is an interesting move (and somewhat disconcerting from my perspective) on the part of a well established and leading company in the geospatial industry. I am not a financial analyst by any means, so I can’t offer the insight that others can. Instead I will just say ‘wow’ and hope that Intergraph as a company will weather its acquisition as well as Leica Geosystems seems to have made it through the first year of their transition. I am definitely curious to find out what the folks over at Directions think of the acquisition in their podcast on the topic, which I am off to listen to now.

Intergraph Acquired by Investor Group for $1.3 Billion – All Points Blog

Google Earth Now For Booking Flights

British Airways is now using Google Earth to help book flights. It’s a pretty simple concept – you use Google Earth to zoom to where you want to go and the airline books a ticket to there for you. The only danger I can see is spending all day “flying” around the world trying to see how much it costs to go places…. or just flying around for the fun of it anyways! At least then if you get caught on your office computer playing with Google Earth, you can always just claim you were booking airfare for the *cough**cough* convention/trade show/junket next month for you and Bill in accounting. 🙂

Do you have your GIS Merit Badge?

In honor of the start of the new school year, I found out that there is a boyscout merit badge related to GIS called the Surveying Merit Badge. Part of the requirements ask boyscouts to explain what GPS and other surveying technologies,surveying careers, the importance of GPS and how it is changing the field of surveying. There isn’t a specific badge for GIS, but Indiana has asked its GIS members to act as mentors to help Boyscouts get badges related to GIS such as computers, geology, engineering, and environmental science.

However, I did find an old ESRI report about a Girl Scout GIS badge in Rhode Island. 4H also has a GIS/GPS technology program with team contests.

Way to go! Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H’ers and all other students learning about GIS and Mapping and the people who help them get their badges!

BBC NEWS | Norwich pioneers free city wi-fi

The city of Norwich in the UK has set up a city-wide wi-fi that is open to the public at 256kbs and open to municipal employees at 1Mbs. One of the goals of implementing the technology is to not only create access to the internet but to allow for public workers to access relevant data and information without having to return to the office. They didn’t specifically mention mobile GIS, but you know someone is wandering around with a tablet, updating a spatial database…even if they don’t know it.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Norwich pioneers free city wi-fi