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I’ve been waiting awhile to check this out, but Microsoft Research has finally gotten their SensorMap project portal up and running as part of their larger SenseWeb project. Basically, SensorMap lets you bring in real-time data feeds, including video, and link them to the Windows Live Local map plaform. So far, they’ve got some traffic and weather sensors for the Seattle area, and video feeds from interstate highways across the US. I’ve already burned about 20 minutes just checking out traffic video feeds from I-295 in DC, so I can definitely see a lot of work piling up as I find a sudden need to check out the traffic situation in cities far, far away (the feeds don’t seem to be streaming, just snapshots of what’s happening when you click on the icon). They still have a few kinks to work out, but ways to serve up real-time spatial data will continue to develop rapidly in the near term.

One thing I should definitely point out is that you can also add your own sensor data to the SensorMap interface, according to the project website, but we haven’t given this a try yet. If anybody out there does, just let us know.

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  1. Looks kind of like the website that was mashed up early last year before the Google Maps API came out. Except, the icons in the SensorMap are dynamic here and there’s no dropdown to select different feeds.

    One thing that I could tell the MSR folks would be to try to add layer sliders or filter sliders to remove or add information. (i.e. Would kind of make it a neat interactive site.

  2. We have been working with Microsoft on this project. Recent developments have brought SensorMap on a long way and you should take a look again. Data is streaming, especially within Switzerland although many sensors have their streaming data hidden behind password access. For public streaming data take a look in the Davos, Switzerland area.

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