Directions Mag Podcast

Joe and Adena from Directions Magazine have posted what I believe is their first podcast. I agree with Glenn on the humor of discussing a webcast in a podcast, but humor is a good thing. Hopefully this won’t be a one time deal from Directions Mag and they will continue to podcast. It is at the top of my playlist.

Podcast: Examining Autodesk’s Infrastructure Solutions Demo Webcast – Articles

One thought on “Directions Mag Podcast

  1. glad you found the humour in my post… I figured you podcasters would all stick together ;0) Gee, you need to connect up with Kevin Corbley and you guys could all have a big podcaster meet-up at the ESRI UC! Cheers

    PS.. it’s nothing official right now but I’m meeting up with a growing contingency of people at Dick’s on Sunday night in the Gaslamp.. look for me on the outside patio in the front around 7.. maybe I’ll see a few of you there.

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