Rise and Shout: Top Universities

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As Rob pointed out, the Princeton Review released their top 10 party schools. While BYU is proud of their status atop the sober list, WVU (much to many a burnt couch’s dismay) revels in its proximity to the top of the party list. I just tend to hide, especially on game weekends when Morgantown goes […]


Serenity recreated in Second Life

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I just saw this on 3pointD, and it’s so cool I am definitely going to have to check it out. As you may already know, Jesse, Frank and I are huge Firefly and Serenity fans, and a Second Life resident named Fenix Eldritch (thanks to Rik Riel for pointing that out) has recreated Serenity (the […]


Location Based Chumby

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Please don’t let this way cool gadget/alarm clock be ‘vapor-ware’. The Chumby is a small computer that appears to be infinitely customizable through Flash widgets and some good old fashion hacking. Toss in a GPS chip and some code you could have an always on cuddly LBS system. If Loki isn’t giving away a few […]