Rise and Shout: Top Universities

burning couchAs Rob pointed out, the Princeton Review released their top 10 party schools. While BYU is proud of their status atop the sober list, WVU (much to many a burnt couch’s dismay) revels in its proximity to the top of the party list. I just tend to hide, especially on game weekends when Morgantown goes from being the 5th largest town in WV to the being the largest…at least for a few hours.

Rise and Shout: Top Universities

What cures traffic jams? Supply and demand!

At least that’s what researchers at the University of Texas at Austin are claiming. Their idea is to use some combination of GPS or RFID to track then cars enter into a congestion area. If vehicles enter during peak times, they would have to pay more in tolls than if they go through off-peak times. So drive into work at 8:00am? Pay $.25 per mile. Drive into work at 2:00am? It’s only $.10 per mile.

It’s an interesting idea, but I personally worry about a couple of things. Ultimately, what happens to all the data people collect about where I’m going when? What would keep outside parties from having access to that data? Finally, I’m not sure driving times are really responsive to market forces. I can’t easily choose an entry time more economical to my budget because, well, my employer says I have to be into work by 9:00am or get fired. If you triple the toll during that natural travel time, I’ll just have to pay triple. Unless my employer allows for complete hours flexibility, I’m not sure this is going to have much of a real impact (other than better roads from increased toll incomes).

Serenity recreated in Second Life

I just saw this on 3pointD, and it’s so cool I am definitely going to have to check it out. As you may already know, Jesse, Frank and I are huge Firefly and Serenity fans, and a Second Life resident named Fenix Eldritch (thanks to Rik Riel for pointing that out) has recreated Serenity (the ship that is the center of the movie and series) within the virtual world. The 3pointD post has a direct Second Life link, so log into SL and see for yourself.

Location Based Chumby

chumbyPlease don’t let this way cool gadget/alarm clock be ‘vapor-ware’. The Chumby is a small computer that appears to be infinitely customizable through Flash widgets and some good old fashion hacking. Toss in a GPS chip and some code you could have an always on cuddly LBS system. If Loki isn’t giving away a few hacked Chumby’s at next year’s Where 2.0 that link their service through Yahoo’s Flash maps, then I will be sad. Maybe a contest…I think a Loki-based virtual treasure hunt through San Jose…Just a thought 🙂

Chumby Industries