Back to the Future!

Yeah, it’s 80’s movie reference day around here (at least for me). Some scientists down under have decided to see if they can figure out what global warming is really doing… by creating a “climatic time machine“. The idea is to artificially induce years or even decades worth of climate change on a mini-ecosystem, in this case individual plants in the eucalypt forests. While apparently this work is being done in the the Northern Hemisphere, this is the first of its kind in the Southern. Their results should be pretty interesting after they’ve had some time to climate age the subjects.

Some Fries With That Latte….?

Here’s an interesting map put out by Princeton University. It shows the preliferation of Starbucks and of Micky D’s throught the world. The Starbucks section is particularly interesting as it shows where the inputs for their products orginate. It says their coffee inputs can be traced back to 19 different countries.

All I know is that the last time I saw a map with that big a circle on the US, some computer was asking Ferris Beuler if he wanted to play a game…