BBC NEWS | Greenland melt ‘speeding up’

Following up on last week’s episode on the perception of Global Warming, I thought I would post this recent article from the BBC. Researchers using NASA satellite data have determined that the rate of melting of the ice cap over Greenland has increased between 2004 and now. The article suggests that if the entire ice mass over Greenland melted, global sea levels would rise by 6.5 meters.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Greenland melt ‘speeding up’

Friday morning at the UC

We are waiting for Jack’s closing remarks and the Q&A. If anything comes up we will be sure to let you know.

Just a few things that we remember from the Q&A.

– Scott Moorehouse gave an amazing talk that almost everyone missed…hopefully this, and David M.’s and Clint B.’s, super session will be available on the UC DVD
– There was a request for a Frappr like community to allow ESRI users to share their locations and learn who else is working in their area, probably on a globe or in ArcWeb Services.
– There was also discussion of a Flickr like map gallery complete with geolocating the maps

Other than that there were some interesting questions AND answers.


Well, as soon as things are done on Thursday afternoon chairs and tables disappear in the blink of an eye 🙂 The party was interesting with great food. We will be hitting the closing session in the morning but other than that we have finished-up with the conference. Keep in mind you only have 10 months til the next ESRI User Conference in June.