Note to those flying out of the ESRI UC

And of course anyone else who is flying, keep in mind that the FAA has apparently banned taking liquids on to flights including beverages, hair gels, and lotion. We aren’t sure if this is carry-on only or even checked luggage. Nothing has shown up on the site yet, but it is being announced on various news channels. This is all connected to the apparent terrorist plot that was foiled related to liquid explosives that were to be planted on US bound flights from the UK.

Metaverse Roadmap Pre-Release Party

For those of you who are in the New York City area and interested in what’s going on with the Metaverse Roadmap project, Eyebeam will be hosting a Pre-Release Party today (August 10th) from 6pm to 9pm, with “a series of short presentations and open conversations about the emerging metaverse space and what the Metaverse Roadmap has uncovered so far.”

Some great speakers will be there, including Mark Wallace of 3pointD, Electric Sheep CEO Sibley Verbeck, and even Senior Editor Paul Hemp from the Harvard Business Review. Hopefully they will be posting some of the content after the party. Jesse, Frank, and I have been swamped recently, but we’re hoping to do another episode on the metaverse, and maybe talk to some of the people who are working to make it happen.

Wednesday Audio…again

We just returned from the GeoBlogger meet up which was kindly arranged by GeoMullah over at Fantom Planet and apparently sponsored by Google. The meet up included quite a few of the folks from Planet Geospatial, but there were a couple of folks missing that I had hoped to meet, so I will be looking for them Thursday to say hi 🙂

Check out today’s audio that includes a short interview and an even shorter wrap up by Sue and I. Also be sure to watch out for a special Society for Conservation GIS episode next Wednesday or so on the main feed.