Placebase: The Power of Place

We have just begun to put a dent in the exhibitors hall and have a quite few interviews already. One of the groups that we talked to (that I missed out on when Adena wrote about them recently) was Placebase. They have an interesting Google Maps like product that improves on your ability to control layers. They recently worked with Fannie Mae to put together the maps for DataPlace. I haven’t had a chance to play with their stuff yet, but it looks interesting.

Placebase: The Power of Place

So Many Sessions, So Little Time…..

This morning, we wandered through the ESRI UC Exhibit Hall (which really makes you think, hey, Segway rentals for touring the exhibit space would be awesome). We did a couple of interviews this morning, and Jesse continued talking to exhibitors while I checked out a couple of sessions. One paper that was right in line with the research we do in our lab was “Kyoto Virtual Time-Space“, which dealt with a huge project to generate a 3D GIS for the city of Kyoto, Japan at different time periods, working towards a 4D or temporal GIS. Using MapCube, a 3D modelling package, the researchers created a great-looking photo realistic reconstruction of portions of Kyoto today, as well as digitizing and extruding over 400,000 building footprints. They have also generated 3D models for a type of merchant housing known as a “machiya” which were an important feature of the landscape before World War II, and recreated Kyoto during the Edo (1603-1867) and Heian (794 -1192) periods. The presentation looked great, and as Jesse and I know from working on smaller-scale 3D GIS projects, it takes a lot of work researching the geography and history of a place before you can even start thinking about a 3D historical landscape reconstruction.

ESRI UC – Sunday and Monday

We have been throwing podcasts up left and right so far. Sunday resulted in our Day 1 podcast including talks about and, and a Meet the Authors 1 podcast with a few ESRI Press authors. For Monday I am currently uploading our Day 2 podcast with our take on the morning plenaries and interviews with a couple of folks we grabbed at the MapGallery. I will also be uploading short interviews with many of the education institutions that were represented at the Education Fair in the next couple of days. Tomorrow will bring more interviews and more information.