New Mac Pro and MacOS 10.5 announced

While we have been at the ESRI Plenary, Steve Jobs took stage up north and introduced a couple of little things. I am pretty excited about the new Mac Pro which is based on the new Core 2 Duo chips including the high-end dual chip (4 cores total) option. Check out Engadget’s cover for details on MacOS 10.5…it looks pretty good.

Update: My bad, there is only a dual-chip option…no single processors for the Mac Pro

It IS true…you get excited

I have to say that while Jack talks about the updates in 9.2, he speaks softly, but you just start to get jazzed as you see more. And as Geometrybag said:

6. Getting really excited about lots of cool new features and products, then getting home and realising that I can’t actually use any of it in real projects for another two years.

Of course, so far we only have to wait 2 months.

Bernie is now showing off ArcGIS Explorer and I have to say that I would really like to have access to AGE for my World Regions class in the fall…ahhh, the agony of waiting 🙂

From the Plenary

I will leave the great summaries of what folks have to say to James and others. We will try to corner a few folks for interviews and maybe comment on some of blog posts that come out during this morning.

The countdown is nearing zero…have a good morning 🙂