Call for panel participants

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We are putting together a couple of panels again this year. The first is a look at the growth of the ‘new media’ over the last year for the AAG conference taking place in April 2007 in San Francisco. If you are going to be at the conference or in the Bay Area and are […]

Skylab Mobilesystems WMS Crawler

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If you’re looking to incorporate OGC-compliant WMS layers into your web mapping applications, check out Skylab Mobilesystems’ WMS Crawler – which crawls for keywords that may indicate a WMS link, and generates a list of servers, updated weekly (the current list is 994 servers and 339254 layers) Via OGC Network

Rise and Shout: Top Universities

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As Rob pointed out, the Princeton Review released their top 10 party schools. While BYU is proud of their status atop the sober list, WVU (much to many a burnt couch’s dismay) revels in its proximity to the top of the party list. I just tend to hide, especially on game weekends when Morgantown goes […]

Location Based Chumby

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Please don’t let this way cool gadget/alarm clock be ‘vapor-ware’. The Chumby is a small computer that appears to be infinitely customizable through Flash widgets and some good old fashion hacking. Toss in a GPS chip and some code you could have an always on cuddly LBS system. If Loki isn’t giving away a few […]

Is that my house??

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Ever been playing around on Flickr and wonder where that picture was taken? Well now you can find out. Flickr has added the ability to geotag your photos with the exact place of the photo. Other people have created similar ideas, but the sheer volume of Flickr material might bring it more mainstream.

Ubiquitous advertising

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Even ads are ubiquitous these days as an article from BBC News points out. The article looks at how different technologies are being used to better market to buyers. The article suggests a few reasons why Minortiy Report-like LBS advertising isn’t currently one of the trends. BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click | Technology lets […]

Help the Gulf Coast by eating

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Share our Strength’s Restaraunts for Relief 2 will take place this Tuesday, Aug 29. If you eat at one of the participating restaraunts proceeds will go to support continuing efforts in the areas impacted last year by Katrina. Head over to to find out if there are restaraunts participating near you. Unfortunately, there are […]