Humanities and Geography

The current issue of ArcNews has an article from AAG Executive Director, Doug Richardson, on an initiative to link Humanities and Geography. As you may have noted this is high on the to do list as part of our day job for Sue and I. We are in fact in the early stages (read that as writing grants) of a Virtual Center for Humanities in Geographic Information Science (I hope to get some work on the web site in the near future) with Trevor Harris (WVU), John Corrigan (USF), and David Bodenhammer (Polis Centre) as the primary investigators. There are others connected to the center including a relationship with UVA, who, to pull this back to the original topic, will be hosting the Humanities and Geography conference in the summer of 2007. For those of you who have an interest in Humanities and Geography definitely check out the conference and let us know about your project so that we can link to you.

ArcNews Summer 2006 Issue — Crossing Borders: Geography, GIS, and the Humanities

Air Pollution Monitoring Via….Pigeons

Who knew avians could be so high tech? A new study of real-time air pollution is being undertaken using, of all things, pigeons. Little monitors are strapped to the backs of the pigeons and data is beamed back to Earth and published on the web in real time. Apparently the data will be available in blog format for anyone to see/use.

I’m pretty proud of the work we do here at Very Spatial, but I’m not sure we can compete with a Pigeon Blog. That’s just too cool.

James Fee’s ArcGIS Server scoop and Jeremy goes to Redlands

There are two bits of ArcGIS Server related information of note today. The first is that Jeremy, one of the key people behind Mapdex, is heading over to the core ArcGIS Server team…good luck Jeremy! The other news is James’ scoop on the new tiered structure for ArcGIS Server that will apparently provide a new set of price points to make ArcGIS Server a more viable option. Also, if you are already an ArcIMS license holder you will receive the mid-tier Server package if you are still under maintenance.

ESRI simplifies ArcGIS Server, reinforces ArcIMS at James Fee GIS Blog