New Poll: Where did you come from

We want to know where you began your interest in Geography or geospatial technologies. Did you start off in some other field and happen upon the importance of being ‘spatial’, or did you know where you were all along? Head over to the front page of VerySpatial and let us know your roots.

UbiComp 2006

I haven’t been blogging too much in recent days, so I will try to get back up to speed with a reminder about the upcoming UbiComp 2006 (Eighth International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing) from September 17-21st at the Newport Beach Marriot in Newport Beach, California. Paper submissions are closed, but early registration runs until August 18th. Some of the papers topics look pretty interesting, including several on location-aware technologies. There are also a number of workshops on Sept. 17th and 18th.