QGIS 0.8 Preview 1 Released

I am SOOOOO…. behind. The move is going well, but it is definitely eating into my blog time. According to Verizon I will be without DSL for a couple of weeks so I will soon be even more behind…Oh yeah and James mentioned that the QGIS 0.8 preview 1 was released. 😛

Actually, this is pretty exciting since I use QGIS for a few projects, especially when working with my Mac. A few of the changes that were highlighted on the download page include:

  • Initial WMS support
  • New legend with support for groups
  • More tools in GRASS toolbox, including GRASS shell
  • GRASS mapset browser
  • Antialiasing of vector features
  • Enhanced editing/digitizing
  • Advanced attribute searching

Even the icon set has been updated. Be sure to check out the preview. We will definitely be harrassing folks from the QGIS project for an interview as the ‘final’ release of QGIS 0.8 approaches.

QGIS Community – QGIS 0.8 Preview 1 Released