GeoPortail apparently a work in progress

I checked out the newly launched French GeoPortail, which made the news at CNN today, and was mentioned on OgleEarth and Anything Geospatial. It is at this point just a 2D map viewer and even that is not working well (at least for me). While my French is pretty rusty, I found a little timeline below the viewer that said that the 3D portion of the project won’t be out until the autumn

Here is the calendar entry from the website:

Visualisez en 3D et accédez aux premières couches d’information de service public;”.

So, it seems that the Google Earth comparison is a little premature. But, if anyone out there has tried the site and found more than what I could access, definitely let us know…

2 thoughts on “GeoPortail apparently a work in progress

  1. This is a comment from Yann, who emailed it to me after he was unable to post it:

    GéoPortail is indeed a WIP that will really be functional this fall or even in 2007, I heard. However some French blogger had the opportunity to VidCast the draft of the future 3D version. The most interesting parts of the video are at 00:01:32 and 00:05:23.
    On this video the interwieved explains that every single little French village will be be displayed in high resolution (1 pixel = 50 cm) aerial photos. By shifting to the 3D view, you’ll be able to wander in any village practically like in those first-person-view video games.
    However, the 3D view of the building (00:04:51) will not be high-rez, unless people send their front of house’s pic to Geoportail. Some test of front’s picture mapping have been done with the city of Marseille (00:05:25). The city of Toulon has planned to send pictures of each and every one of its buildings’s front to GeoPortail. Also have a look at the virtual visit of some moutain track at 00:09:50.


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