New poll: What is your desktop GIS

I forgot to activate this poll a few weeks ago when I created it to go with our Desktop GIS episode, but it is always a relevant question. What is your desktop GIS package of choice? I think we know who will end up with the top spot, but I am curious how the distribution lies within our listeners/readers. Head over to and take the poll.

Rocket Science 101 from NASA

As we all know, rockets are what launch the remote sensing satellites that many of us depend on for our geospatial data into orbit. So, while not strictly geography-related, rocket science is still essential and now NASA is giving everyone a chance to be a rocket scientist with their Rocket Science 101 website. You can design your own Altas V or Delta II rocket, and learn all about what makes these amazing machines fly. I have already killed about a half hour building my own Atlas V, and learning all about payload fairing and other incredible exciting things about rockets.

Via Tech_Space

Google Maps of Active Volcanoes

If you’re like me, when you go to plan your summer vacation, weird questions like, “Is there a major earthquake fault or active volcano in the area?” will eventually come up. Now you don’t have to worry about those pesky active volcanoes in your holiday planning! The site features a google mashup with the Smithsonian and USGS Weekly Volcano Activity Report, so you know you’re always up-to-date with the volcanic activity in the area. Clicking on the volcano point brings up a handy, dandy popup featuring current activity, background, some general information, and the more complete entry into the greater database. The general tab will let you zoom directly to the volcano for a better look.

Google’s Summer of Green Map Guides

Google, in conjunction with Earth Day Network, has released a series of Google Maps mashups for five US cities (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, and San Francisco) that offer vacationers environmentally friendly attractions and facilities. Each city also has a video tour available. So make every day EarthDay (yes, I had to go there) and check out Google Maps Summer of Green guides if you will be vacationing in any of the cities that are currently available. The guides will be live all summer, but no word on whether they will add more destinations.

Via GISuser