Q or text balloon

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Quiznos. the sub joint, has these bizarre little trays that are supposed to be Q shaped I guess. They are much more useful as text balloons in my opinion. That is a project for Make magazine, scrolling LEDs in the trays ๐Ÿ™‚ Be sure to click the image to check out our conversation.

MesoStor – Online GIS data delivery system for Central America

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I was going through my Caribbean GIS listserv alerts, and I noticed one about MesoStor, a project to make GIS data about Mesoamerica available online. MesoStor is part of SERVIR, “a regional visualization and monitoring system for Mesoamerica that integrates satellite and other geospatial data for improved scientific knowledge and decision making by managers, researchers, […]

LAPD Get their Spidey Tracer!

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If you read the blog regularly, you’ll know my facination with the “Spidey Tracer”. (in truth, I’m facinated with all super gadgets… Batman is my hero!) Now the LAPD will jump on the spidey tracer fun bandwagon with Virginia-based company StarChase’s new laser homing dart GPS. The dart can be launched by chase vehicles onto […]

Major calendar update

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Update: I have found how to make WebCalendar allow subscriptions. If you are using an iCalendar based software use http://www.veryspatial.com/calendar/publish.php/?user=public as the subscription address and you should receive all updates to the calendar as we publish them. We have just added over 20 new events to the calendar, so be sure to check those out […]

Comments and pingbacks

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Update: NOW comments work without a login. I apparently forgot to uncheck a box on another page in the options. Happy commenting. I am going to give it a try. I am opening up comments and pingbacks/trackbacks. It is still possible you will get kicked over to moderation before your comment appears, but the spam […]