If the Earth were a sandwich…….

Do you think you have what it takes to be “Awesome”? It isn’t easy. There’s a test of skill and knowledge and tasty lunctime goodness. The League of Awesomeness (part of “the show with zefrank”) has thrown down the yeasty gauntlet to anyone out there who feels they can prove they have what it takes to be “Awesome” (you get a certificate if you pass). All you have to do is make the Earth into a sandwich! Not just any sandwich, mind you, but one in which there is a slice of bread on one spot on the Earth and a semi-matching one on the exact opposite on the globe, thus making the Earth into a giant sandwich. Luckily there’s a tool that can help you figure out where your exact opposite point on the globe is located, so at least that part’s easy. To see the status of potential Earth sandwiches, check out the LOA’s Google Maps status page

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Phase I report on Geospatial Workforce available for comment

GITA and AAG have completed their Phase I report, entitled “Defining and Communicating Geospatial Industry Workforce Demand”, as part of the Department of Labor grant on the geospatial workforce. It is available for viewing and download at the AAG website at http://www.aag.org/giwis.

They are actively seeking comments, and I think that all of us who are involved in GIS and geospatial technologies should at least take a look at the report, and offer up comments if possible.