This week Sue, Frank and I will be helping to put on the WV GIS Forums and Workshops, which means some of us will be doing our day jobs in the evenings. But we will be bringing you a couple of interview/discussions along with what I hope will turn out to be a person-on-the-street (in the hallway) segment as well. See you at the end of the week!

One Really Big Game

We don’t normally post computer game information here, but this one is noteworthy, I think. You play the part of a secret agent who runs around a geographic area doing missions. The noteworthy part is that the map is 390 square miles! In gaming perspective, the largest single player game made thus far is only 16 square miles! In real world terms, New York City is only 301 square miles, London is a little over 600 square miles. and Tokyo is 837 square miles. That’s one big game! What’s interesting is that we’re creating virtual worlds that relate, size wise, more closely to real world constructs of space. There’s a growing sense that people would like to mimic in the virtual world the scale they’re used to seeing in the real world.