GPS gaming with PSP

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Engadget is doing a live blog from the Sony pre-show at E3. So far they have announced that the PSP will have a compatable GPS by Winter 2006 and they will be releasing software tentatively entitled PSP Planet: Interactive City Guide. Head over to Engadget to find out more as they continue their E3 coverage […]


Henry Rollins on GPS and tech

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I am a huge admirer of Henry Rollins, from Black Flag to Rollins Band, from spoken word to his show on IFC, he has simply gotten better with time. This past weekends episode of the Henry Rollins Show kicked off with a section on the impact of technology on our lives including an unbridled monologue […]


Silicon Graphics files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

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MercuryNews is reporting that Silicon Graphics (SGI), once a giant in high-powered computing and the company whose supercomputers were used for everything from Hollywood special effects to NASA research to virtual reality, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this morning for its U.S. operations. I’m sure many people out there have or have had SGI […]