Don’t Leave Earth Without it

earth tagOk, for all you intergalactic travelers out there, it’s the Location Earth Dog Tag, a lovely dog tag style pendant engraved with several methods of locating Earth in the galaxy. That way, when you hitch a ride on that friendly alien spacecraft, you’ll be able to give them good directions. There’s even an alien abduction money-back guarantee if you’re not returned safely to Earth! All for only $12.99

Biodiesel Station in Ohio

Oberlin, Ohio to be exact. A little west of Cleveland. Full Circle Fuels is a quaint little station from the 1950’s that has converted itself into an alternative fuels spectacular. They currently or are about to stock all sorts of biodiesel and ethanol/diesel mixes for your converted supper SUV. Don’t have one of those, you say? No problem! Turns out the fellows at FCF will convert it for you in their garage! They also have some fairly eco and community friendly plans in the works, including:

  • Plans an auto repair self-help clinic for low-income residents
  • Is a pick-up and drop-off location for a local car-sharing program
  • Collects waste cooking oil from local establishments for use in converted vehicles and for biodiesel production

As one who drives one of those big honkin’ diesel trucks (what can I say? I live in the country), I can tell you I’d love to make a trip up to their place sometime and get a conversion kit. Now if they’d just setup a station around here so I can get the fuel…

No entries in EarthDay contest(s)

Unfortunately, no one entered the EarthDay contests, so we can’t announce winners. Hopefully we will have a better turn out for our one year anniversary contest that will include, among other prizes, an iPod Nano, engraved of course :-). If any companies are interested in sponsoring the contest and offering up prizes in exchange for a little air time at the end of our anniversary show, contact us.