A VerySpatial Podcast – Special Episode 09

Our recording of the Where 2.0 Press Preview teleconference. We were going to try to just do snippets, but there were just too many little things that we thought we should keep. I was really excited to hear that a few of the Open Source packages and the OGC were planning on presenting at Where 2.0. We started to set something up with the OGC for the AAG, but I dropped the ball :-(, maybe this time we will be able to corner someone for an interview.

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Government-funded venture capital and geospatial technologies

A recent article posted at Federal Computer Weekly discusses the emerging role of government-funded venture capital in investing in innovative technologies. The article notes that, at one time, much of the innovation in information technology, including the early internet, were the results of government research initiatives. Now, the private sector is increasingly taking the lead in innovation. One of the examples highlighted in the article is In-Q-Tel, the CIA-sponsored non-profit Venture Capital firm that invested in Keyhole. In addition, NASA is in the early stages of building a VC fund, and it is possible other initiatives will be on the way.