Server-side image storage

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LizardTech has recently (?) released a solution (Spatial Express) to store JPEG2000 and MrSID images natively in Oracle Spatial. This brings to mind the existing and upcoming server based solutions for imagery such as EarthWhere and ESRI’s Image Server. Most of these options allow for direct access and for access through the WMS standard. For […]


Where 2.0 Preview

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Yesterday Jesse and I were able to participate in a conference-call press preview for the upcoming Where 2.0 Conference in San Jose, CA on June 13th and 14th. Tim O’Reilly, Brady Forrest, and Nat Torkington answered questions and gave us a little taste of what’s on tap for the conference. We were able to record […]


Kickin’ it Old School!

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Anyone remember ASCII art? What happens when you combine it with Google Maps? ASCII Maps! It’s a pretty impressive what people with too much time on their hands are capable of doing. Be warned, ironically enough, the site loads kinda slow.