Harvard Business Review discusses Avatar-based Marketing

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We-Make-Money-Not-Art posted about an article from the Harvard Business Review about avatar-based marketing in virtual worlds like Second Life. The article argues that, while the real-world subscribers to online virtual worlds are an obvious target for marketers, the online avatar, which are essentially alternate identities, “arguably represents a distincly different ‘shadow’ consumer, one able to […]

Talkin’ About the Metaverse

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Mark over at 3pointD posted a link this morning to an article at CNNMoney from David Kirkpatrick, a FORTUNE senior editor, that is written in the form of a conversation, with each quote related to an aspect of the metaverse, social networking sites, and even search. It’s short, but does mention a lot of sites […]

New Web Map Interface

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Atlas, from Fresh Logic Studios offers a sweet little interface that sits atop the local.live map set. My favorite part of this site is definitely the tabbed interface. I didn’t register so I couldn’t play with some of the features, but is still a nice alternative to the standard local.live.com interface. DownloadSquad – Atlas: Dark […]