Hola! Como esta ustedes?

We just finished up our session (3 papers all ended up in the same general session) here at the SAA conference in San Juan. Sue kicked things off with geovisualization and historic archaeology. I kidnapped a presentation that our professor/co-author couldn’t make it to present and talked about the ‘googlization of archaeology’ which I will write up for the site soon. Finally, I presented by own paper about linking Higuchi viewsheds to phenomenological landscape archaeology through the use of geospatial technologies. Overall it was kind of quiet since it was an evening session, but it was 3 hours of good papers none the less.

We have been grabbing short interviews where possible, but we aren’t going to be able to get as many as I had hoped due to various issues. Either way look for some cool uses of geospatial tech from archaeologists in this week’s episode.

5 thoughts on “Hola! Como esta ustedes?

  1. it means ‘how are you’, not really meaningful Geographically speaking, but a good way to start a conversation 🙂

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