avsp EarthDay Contests

We were sitting there, recording the podcast, the next thing Sue and I knew Frank had thrown out two challenges/contests to see what you are doing for EarthDay! When the dust had settled here is what was left.

EarthDay Contest #1

  • Submit a photo of you at an EarthDay activity…Subject line should say EarthDay Picture with a description of the photo
  • EarthDay Contest #2

  • Submit your top ideas for what to do to make EarthDay everyday. Subject line should say EarthDay Everyday with a description of the photo
  • All entries for both contests should go to contest at veryspatial.com by May 4, 2006.

    Check out Episode 39 for details, and Episode 42 for the results. There are at least t-shirts on the line as prizes and probably more once I check our shelves (OK so it just one shelf, but still…)