Happy Earth Day!

Just thought I’d do a quick post on Earth Day. Hope some of you are out there enjoying events that are going on all over the US and other countries. There are tons of different events, but here are a couple that are a little out of ordinary: In upstate New York, state biologists celebrated Earth Day by releasing 20,000 trout into a stream and in Yakima, Washington Solid Waste officials are holding a free mercury-collection turn-in. That’s right, everyone can bring in their old thermometers and protect themselves and the environment from deadly mercury exposure.

So, there’s no limit on what you can do to honor Earth Day, so get out there and do something for the planet!

3D Nature joins the KML Race

I really need to do a general post on 3D Nature’s offerings. We have been playing with World Construction Set and Visual Nature Studio for a few years now, but today’s news is that 3D Nature has released their Google Earth KML Exporter for Scene Express. This product allows you to take terrain and models generated in WCS or VNS and export them for use in Google Earth. If you are a 3D Nature customer, welcome to a whole new way to present your information, if you aren’t, check out some of the samples and get an idea of the potential of integrating your repesentations of landscapes into Google Earth.