Imagery For The Nation

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Keith at the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority sent me an email (woohoo! I promise not to complain about it anymore!) about the National States Geographic Information Council’s “Imagery For The Nation (PDF)” initiative. The idea is to consolidate all the various ortho-imagery initiatives in the Federal government into one big batch. Then imagery can […]

Maker Faire 2006

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If you love to tinker with stuff, especially tech stuff, or find yourself strangely fascinated by the MythBusters, then the Maker Faire this weekend (April 22-23) in San Mateo, California is right up your alley. Organized by the creators of MAKE magazine, a popular tech DIY publication, Maker Faire is a chance to get together […]

OGC Catalogue Services Specification – Request for Comment

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OGC has put out a Request for Comment for a new candidate OGC standard. It is the Catalogue Services Specification 2.0.1 – ISO Metadata Application Profile. From the press release: ” Catalogue services are the key technology for locating, managing and maintaining distributed geo-resources (i.e. geospatial data, applications and services). With OGC catalogue services, client […]