New Poll – how do you listen to podcasts

A new poll is up on Head over to the site and let us know how you listen to your podcasts.

The results of the last poll show that most of you like to get the podcast as is. With that in mind in the future I am going to try to provide a feed that will just be news and events, and an AAC version of the full podcast so that we can include chapter breaks and pictures timed to the content. This of course means I have to figure out why the our current split feed isn’t working correctly AND get us back into iTunes.

Invisible-5 – unique audio tour of California’s Interstate 5

For those of you who live and travel in California, the Invisible 5 Audio Project is a unique self-guided audio tour of the landscape along I-5 between San Francisco and LA. What makes it different is that it is put together by a collaborative of environmental and other watchdogs groups to give a very different perspective on the I-5 corridor, including pollution, water issues, and other political and social issues. Even if you don’t have first-hand knowledge of the area, check out the site and read about the Invisible-5 project. It’s definitely a unique and ambitious project.

Via Trends and networked_performance

Sony and Intergraph…hmmm

Fantom Planet came across an interesting bit of information on the Intergraph site. Sony has decided to provide Intergraph $15 million for worldwide access to their patent portfolio, but it isn’t just one way, Intergraph will have access to select Sony patents…though they will still have to pay royalties. Fantom Planet was talking PS3, I am throwing down the gauntlet and saying PSP since Intergraph’s mobile LBS solutions are somewhat overlooked in my perspective (admittedly not a very broad perspective though) and there is talk about PSP compatible GPS units.

Keep in mind that the origin of this agreement is Sony Japan and you toss in some really cool toys that may never make it state-side…I really need to learn to read Kanji 🙂