Farallon Geographics podcast

We missed one of the recent additions to the GIS podcast community. Farallon Geographics has released 2 podcasts (one in early Feb, the other in late March) under the title ‘GIS and Location Technology’. I will come back and write more as soon as I get a chance to listen to an episode, until then check it out yourself at Farallon Geographics News & Press or through iTunes and I am sure other fine podcast directories.

Update: The first episode is great. Folks sitting around a table talking about technology. Definitely give this one a try.

Transitions never go as easily as they should

Apparently we have disappeared from iTunes. I am guessing this is due to the edits to the feed. This won’t impact anyone who isn’t using iTunes (all 30 of you 🙂 ) and shouldn’t impact anyone who is already subscribed…just those who might try to subscribe or download individual episodes through iTunes. Hopefully Apple will be able to just put the info back up since we had 1 or 2 reviews (thanks by the way), otherwise we will just start from scratch.