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Trying to Stop Extinction Before It Happens

The BBC has an interesting article about a group trying to pinpoint speicies that might soon be candidates for extinction. The idea is that if you can identify a speicies in trouble before the critical point, you can save more of them (clearly). Apparently this group has identified 20 areas that are prime for human development and thus potential species extinction.

4 thoughts on “Trying to Stop Extinction Before It Happens

  1. i think that extiction is just natural…. let it happen. unless it is because of chopping don forrests and destroying wildlife for housing. that is just totally unethical!

  2. WE NEED to lower the amount of legal hunting and deforestation.
    WE NEED to stop inroducing other species of animals that prey upon those that are in danger.

  3. Some things we can do is to cut deforesting, carpool, slow down hunting and shorten the hunting seasons, etc.

  4. We being the intelligent creatures should take care of the extinction of animals. They are our actual wealth.We should prevent cutting down of trees, hunting, illegal encroach of forest land,etc. If we want to live, we should save earth, if that has to be done, wildlife protection should essentially be done.

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