Trying something new on Episode 35

We have three great interviews that I want to be together in Episode 35 this week, but I don’t want to cut them down or serve them as special episodes. What I have decided to do instead is to take an idea that James Fee suggested this past week and serve up the opening news section by itself tonight after I get it encoded and serve the main content up separately, though it will be in 3 sub episode (a, b, and c) since each interview was between 15 and 25 minutes in length. I am using this as an experiment and will post a poll on it later in the week to see what people think of seperating the news, web corner and events from the main discussion. Let us know your thoughts through a comment or email.

Also keep in mind that I will be creating a new conference feed as soon as we get through the rest of the EDS content so that you can choose whether to receive conference content.