Meet Frank

FrankFrank’s main job at AVSP is to make sure there is ample material for the blooper real. Normally this is done through a series of bad puns, off topic remarks, and launching in to random bits of music to stick into everyone’s head (which will never be released lest we loose 50% of our listener ship overnight). Never one to shy away from expressing an opinion, his favorite part of AVSP is mixing it up with people in the discussion section. His aspiration for each show is to slip in just enough on-topic puns and one-liners that aren’t worth Jesse’s time to edit out. When he’s not harassing Sue and Jesse, Frank’s day job is programming Internet GIS applications. However his true love is working towards his PhD in Political Science. His research interests mostly center on technology in society, technology policy, and community development. Someday he hopes to bring GIS to the unwashed masses of Political Scientists, whether they want it or not.