EDS Day 2 – From the IBM Keynote

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Well, the opening video is playing and we are getting started…

Briane has introduced Martin Nally, CTO, IBM Rational talking about GIS in Enterprise Applications.

  • Discussion on business growth
  • RFID IBM commercial…you know the one with the truck
  • What if scenarios
  • “GIS for enterprise is just beginning”
  • Moving to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for integration
  • Triad: Services, processes, and data
  • IBM SOA Foundation
  • SOA Programming model is based on existing standards
  • Discussion of existing WebSphere/Java ADF integration
  • Importance of portals (Portal Principle)
  • Spatial-temporal integration
  • WebSphere Everyplace Deployment allows server processes to be shifted and run on client devices
  • Summary…