A quick interview with the Chair of the AAG Grad Student Affinity Group

I took a moment to sit down with myself to talk about the Graduate Student Affinity Group (GSAG) of the AAG.

Q: What is the GSAG…

A: The GSAG is an affinity group of the AAG that seeks to support Geography students in the AAG, and where possible, students at large.  We are about to enter our fifth year and our growth so far has been very promising.

Q: Who can benefit from the GSAG

A: We hope that everyone, at least in some way, benefits from the GSAG.  Among the AAG membership we focus on grad students, but these students will some day be professionals in the field and, of course, there are many undergrads out there now who will be going into grad school.  This cross-over means that we have members from each level of Geography.

Q: Is there anything you would like to point out for this years AAG meeting…

A: Yeah, I would like to encourage everyone to attend our sponsored panel session and our business meeting Wednesday night at 7pm.  We have had a nucleus of active members to date, and I think it would be great for others to become involved, both for the GSAG and for the individuals themselves.

Q: Thanks for answering questions for us today.

A: No, thank you.  We just want to get the word out.