BBC NEWS | Pipe network to be mapped in 3D

BBC News provided an article on a project led be University of Leeds and University of Nottingham and 19 other organizations that seeks to map underground utilities in the UK. The goal is to create a 3D subsurface map to within 5cm that can be used on portable devices to support utility workers. I couldn’t find details, but there is fairly general information on the project on a couple pages if you would like to search, but the BBC article is a good overview.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Pipe network to be mapped in 3D

Geospatial Newsmaker Podcast

Corbley Communications, Inc., a public relations and marketing for the geospatial industry, has released its first Geospatial Newsmaker Podcast. According to their press release, the podcast is an interview with Dr. Shawana Johnson, President of Global Marketing Insights, Inc. The main topic is the results of the 2005 NOAA International Remote Sensing Survey. They are planning to release other interview podcasts periodically. The Geospatial Newsmaker Podcast is only available for download from the Corbley Communications, Inc. or Global Insights, Inc. websites.

Via GISuser