Heading to Palm Springs

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We are on the road again.  This time on our way to Palm Springs for the ESRI Dev Summit.  If you are going to be there keep an eye open for the microphone.  When we aren’t in sessions we will be in the Andreas Room interviewing folks or wandering the floor hitting people up for […]

Meet Jesse

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Jesse is the audio tech guy of the group. Always glaring at Frank since he knows that editing is inevitable, Jesse remains ever hopeful that someday a show will be recorded from beginning to ending that is void of bad puns that he would never release unto the unsuspecting world. 🙂 Currently a PhD candidate […]

Wired News 3-part series on Global Warming

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Wired News just posted the first part of their 3-part series on global warming, which will consist of interviews with 3 leading authors on the topic. First up is Tim Flannery, of the University of Adelaide, who is director of the South Australian Museum. The second installment will feature environmentalist Lester R. Brown, founder of […]

Two more AAG episodes

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Well, we have two more episodes left from our interviews at the AAG.  These are both with the education representatives from ESRI and Intergraph.  Look for those in the near future, though I am not sure I will get them both out before we head out to Palm Springs.